Theme Five: Health   

Theme Five: Health   

Proposed Aims:

  • Ensure everyone within Hanover & Elm Grove is aware of and has easy access to local health services.
  • Promote mental well-being by tackling isolation and developing programmes that encourage social and community interaction. .
  • Promote opportunities that offer specialist health services to the community.

Potential Partners: Albion Street Surgery; Islingword Road Surgery; Park Crescent Health Centre; PPGs; Local Residents; Students (student unions); City-wide specialist health & wellbeing services (Young People, BME, LGBTQ, Mental Health et al); Possability People; Age Space, Dementia Action Alliance, Action for Hearing Loss, Hanover Action,

Theme 5 v7

Resident Responses received that have informed the Actions (from Engagement Events)

  • Audit the availability and spread of doctors/dentists in the area. Create central list of local and national services. Promote ‘Its Local actually’ Need to keep community dentists
  • Identify barriers that residents face within the community in accessing health & wellbeing services (students, BME & specific communities – Phoenix Estate).
  • Supporting community groups to tackle social isolation as part of their outreach work. Consider the creation of a neighbourhood social isolation and local prescription for health plan.
  • Supporting surgeries to provide social prescription of local wellbeing groups – particularly classes based in the Hanover Community Centre.
  • Inviting city-wide providers to deliver specialist sessions and workshops in Hanover & Elm Grove.
  • Work to make Hanover & Elm Grove a Dementia friendly neighbourhood
  • How do local service respond to special needs, mental health and isolation
  • Free health advice at the community centre. Encourage Hanover community centre to have a café/hold tea & cake afternoons
  • Make social spaces better for hearing impaired people
  • Make walking and cycling more accessible as a main means of transport. Filter motor traffic out of streets. More benches. Make a strong link between active travel & health
  • Local growing area for horticultural therapy mental health & wellbeing
  • Some people especially the elderly cannot use IT & need help
  • Link residents into Lifelines older peoples activities
  • Need low cost health activities
  • Talks & info on will making, power of attorney, funeral plans
  • A gym or other sport facility in the area – a squash court
  • Affordable exercise Classes – yoga/tai chi…in the area
  • Start a befriending group
  • Discount for OAPs – smaller meals at less cost in pubs etc…
  • More thought needs to be given to exercise as a route to health – in particular cycling. The challenge is to get people back to cycling who may not have done so for some years. This could involve electric bikes. It is not easy to store bikes – steep steps, small halls. We need good safe covered storage. If space can be made for cars, bikes should have the same in the interest of health.

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