Theme one: Refuse, recycling & street cleansing

Theme one: Refuse, recycling & street cleansing

Proposed aims:

  • To have clean streets free of litter, fouling and fly tipping or abandoned items and containers;
  • To support strategies for waste minimisation including improving our overall approach to recycling;
  • To reduce levels of unwanted/illegal rubbish in the area.

Potential Partners: BHCC Cityclean, Magpie recycling, Plastic free Brighton & Hove, Freecycle, Food Partnership, Universities, Private sector Housing /HMO licencing, Hanover Community Facebook, HEGLAT, Hanover Action, Tenant and resident groups. Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

Theme 1.1

Theme 1.2

Theme 1.3

Resident Comments Received that have informed the Actions (from Engagement Events)

Street surveys/audits identifying problems and opportunities: Residents, LAT, BHCC Cityclean undertaking regular street surveys

BHCC Service delivery: identify service standards and resources and ensure that existing services operate safely and effectively and that residents have meaningful routes to engage with service providers, and that service providers are responsive to residents’ concerns and issues.

Review refuse & recycling information: some streets have signage giving incorrect information.

Dog fouling:  make the Patch dog free, do more for streets and pavements.

Waste management issues: The neighbourhood currently has some communal bins which can attract tipping and can be a problem (smell, noise, obstruction) for those living closest to them, although they are also supported by residents as they help keep the pavement clear and eliminate home storage of waste and can be more effective than black bags (also a problem as people form outside of Coleman/Washington use them so they have capacity issues); some wheelie bins, some binvelopes and widespread use of pavements for waste storage which can be a problem re obstruction. Can we work as a community to find improvements which rationalise this and work better for our neighbourhood?

Chewing gum: lots on pavements and needs to be removed.

Graffiti: Create graffiti with graffiti artists so that it is made with beauty and young people take pride in it

Abandoned bikes: work with bike hub to increase recycling/reuse of dumped bikes

Enforcement: Clarify the existing enforcement regime for fly tipping, littering, fouling and misuse of recycling bins and ensure effectiveness of reporting and that enforcement powers are used.

Increase recycling levels: Support Cityclean in educating and informing residents about recycling and bulk waste collection in the area and promote effective use of existing facilities, including use of Freegle and informal reuse – leaving items in the street – more effective. Encourage and assist universities to inform students about local recycling systems and to work positively within the student community to increase recycling levels. Work with Magpie recycling to increase access to their green box service, which is able to collect a wider variety of recyclables, including plastics, than the BHCC scheme. Encourage the council to support a review into recycling levels and act on recommendations. Have centralised recycling collection – skips on street corners. Have charity boxes in recycling hubs. Black box recycling bins with no lids are a problem & should be redesigned. Can BHCC inform residents when they recycle unrecyclable stuff rather than just leaving ‘contaminated’ boxes in the street. Can we have weekly recycling and fortnightly refuse collection to encourage recycling? Communal recycling is good but can be noisy.

Communal refuse bins don’t encourage recycling and quantities of recyclables end up in them.

Waste minimisation: Seek to introduce more community compost facilities, promote the use of community reuse initiatives – such as freecycle or advertising good on the Hanover Facebook group, support the Hanover Action plastic free Hanover initiative.

Green waste: Have communal green waste collection points/bins

Food waste: pilot a doorstep food waste collection scheme. Encourage the development of community compost sites. Compost bin requested for top of Freshfield Road.

Community activities support clean-up days, and community/resident led graffiti removal, link with young people projects e.g.’ YAC/YMCA

Hanover Rubbish Friends: Pick up litter around hotspots and promote and educate on proper recycling and rubbish disposal as we go out and about


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