Theme Three: The Environment: Green space, biodiversity & sustainability

 Theme Three: The Environment: Green space, biodiversity & sustainability

Proposed aims:

  • A community which minimises harmful impacts upon the environment and promotes sustainable living.
  • A healthy neighbourhood with a focus on community well-being with opportunities for people and nature to thrive.
  • A community which promotes nature and biodiversity in its streets, parks and public spaces.

Potential Partners: BHCC Sustainability Team, Hanover Action, BHCC Cityclean, Magpie recycling, Plastic free Brighton & Hove, Freecycle, Food Partnership, Universities, HCA

Suggested Actions:

Theme 3 v7

Resident Comments Received that have informed the Actions (from Engagement Events)

One Planet Living: Work with the Hanover Action to adopt the Hanover Action One Planet Living action plan and ensure that the priorities and actions within it are used to inform the Neighbourhood Action Plan in all appropriate areas.

Wellbeing: There is a strong relationship between health and wellbeing and sustainable communities, and this should be reflected throughout the plan, but some aspects may be more relevant within this theme, including issues around the quality of our streetscape – not just litter free, but actively engaging as a pleasant, diverse and attractive space, which is pleasant to use, with pavements free of obstruction and in a good state of repair.

Sustainable Transport: Reduce car use, encourage cycling with strategies aimed at non-cyclists, increase provision of secure cycle parking, work with Brighton Bike Hub to increase reuse of old bikes and reduce abandonment. Work directly with the council to deploy ‘cycle hoop’ on street bike lockers. Support the provision of electric car charging points in the area

Filter (through traffic) cars out of the streets except for slow moving cars for people who live on the street. This would make the streets more sociable places and enable more people to walk and cycle. It would also make more space for trees and benches – (Case Study see London Walthamstow mini Holland).

Improve 20mph limit signage and enforcement of speed limit.

Brighton Bike hub can help access to cycling through organised group rides – informal learning & confidence building

Walking – fix pavements & provide drop kerbs at every corner – access issue for prams, wheelchairs, the elderly.

Cycling – filtered permeability – more road closures with gaps for cycling & make 1 ways 2 way for cycling.

Cycle parking – need at least one bike hanger per road & monitoring and removal of abandoned bikes.

Enforcement of pavement parking

Noise: move communal bin collections to later in day – 6.30am too early.

Streetscape improvements: Reduce pavement parking, which forms obstruction and also damages pavements causing trip hazards. Continue Hanover Action approach to planting street trees. Fundraise for another tree.

Urban wildlife: Rats & mice displaced from Circus St a problem – how to avoid this with other developments. Too many cats – crap in gardens and chase away birds. Cat owners need to take responsibility.

Green Spaces: More planting, tidy up existing green spaces (Hanover Action Adopt-a-planter) encourage sedum etc…planting of flat roofs. Encourage window boxes etc… (bloomin Hanover) Create an organic growing space as a focal point to increase interest on growing & work with schools (HASL VEG garden). Monthly green waste for tree clippings (Haringey) Compost loo at the Patch. Wildflower meadows at Queens Park. Use Southern water spaces around the reservoir as community orchards

The Patch is main green space in the ward – recognise the importance of this for community events and access to nature

Redundant areas of tarmac should be released for planters – e.g. triangle on Islingword road. Re-verge Elm Grove.



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