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30 thoughts on “Bus Services and updates

  1. I am a pensioner and live in Elm Grove and as far as I can understand the pdf map there is to be no service from Elm Grove to Brighton Rail Station. How about the older generation? Do the bus company care or is its sole aim to cater for students on the 25 service. The road works at Queens Road have resulted in the 18 service being little more than a joke, the 81 it replaced was far better.


    1. Hi Peter, thanks for your comments- what map have you seen? I have tweeted Brighton Hove Bus asking for the map and details that Dick mentions will be provided but got no reply. Thanks, Annie


    2. if the 20 is scrapped, will there be no direct service to hove via edward street? it’s a really, really long journey going via elm grove if other end of queens park road (albion hill) and 21 only goes from pepper pot stop.

      will 18 still go the long route into town via elm grove? how about express services into town so it won’t take over half an hour to get to town?



      1. Hi Sal
        the bus company proposal is that the 18 will run both ways, so this will be a direct service via Edward St to churchill square, but then you will need to change buses for Hove.


  2. I quite liked the new 18 route when it ran correctly for the first week before the station road works got in the way. I did find it a bit of a pain with the 18 leaving it’s own bus stop around the same time as my alternative leaving a different bus stop. Having said that I was always a little frustrated by 22/81 timings being so close..miss one..miss them both! Personally I don’t enjoy the routing through London Road and I miss being able to get off the bus and walking along Queens Park Rd once the hilly bit is out the way unlike the 20/21/22 where the hill is last. The 21 needs to be a double decker to cope with the quantity of passengers getting on in London Rd. As a single decker you would get on at Churchill Sq with ease but struggle to get off again up Elm Grove due to overcrowding.


    Today’s meeting with Mike Best, Queens Park LAT and Buswatch heard of plans for:
    1. same number of buses up and down Queens Park Road; 18s in both directions
    2. 21 to serve London Road
    3. 18s/ 21s every 15 mins Mon- Fris daytimes
    4. no.20 scrapped
    5. single bus stop for all services at key points (Pepperpot, Churchil Square, Hove Town Hall)
    6. route to front of station via Queens Road (not Frederick Place).
    Map + more details from bus company to follow shortly. Then send any comments to info@buses.co.uk marked “Queens Park buses consultation – f.a.o. Mike Best” by the end of June; or in writing post to 43 Conway Street, BN3 2ZZ/ hand in at One Stop Travel, North Street.
    Plan is to invite Mike Best to our next meeting (4th August).


  4. Thanks everyone for all your comments – really useful, to add to those I have picked up talking to people at bus stops, on the 18, at the June LAT meeting, etc. Meeting is today with Mike Best, Operations Director at B & Hove Buses, Buswatch, etc. Hopefully I will have news to post here soon.


  5. The new services have had a very negative impact on my bus use. Working in Hove my journey there is now double what it used to be due to the longer and congested routes. Can’t leave earlier because of my children so will have to drive instead. Not very eco! But I can’t keep turning up late for work. Also, not everybody needs to go to the station on every journey. The 21’s loop up and down Queens Road is totally unnecessary, I’ve never seen anyone get off in that stretch. People who live and work in B&H need direct routes across town.


  6. While I think the increase in services is good, nobody from the bus company has thought about the number of people who live north of Queens Park junction, and now only have the 22 service to take them further up Elm Grove. Also the 21 was a good service for these people coming back from the Marina with heavy shopping. It’s a long way to walk from Queens ParkRoad up Elm Grove. I did email the bus company twice about this, they didn’t even have the decency to reply. At least when Roger French was in charge, he listened to his passengers, which in my opinion can’t be said for Martin Harris.


  7. ..The 18 is supposed to be every 15 mins. On Monday it was more like half an hour, I could have walked quicker. And why does it never come up on the boards in town?

    Getting the bus into town from the pepper pot is hard work as i am now running between 3 stops. With a 2 year old in a buggy, a slow walking 4 year old and one crossing on a busy road not near the bus stops. And no boards to tell me which bus will be arriving first.


  8. Please can we have more live times on bus stops and bus tickets that enable a change in buses so you can join up services for one journey?


  9. I’m surprised more people aren’t complaining. Perhaps I am being churlish? I’m not keen on the changes. I used to get a bus to Churchill Sq from Queens Park junction and I could either get the 81 or the 22. You could stand between the two bus stops and see whichever came first, lots of options, brilliant. Now, there’s no point getting the 18 or 21 in that direction as it takes too long as it goes via the station (though I appreciate that if you use the station this is an improvement).
    On the way back from Churchill Sq, you have to pick whether to get the 21/22 or 18, as they don’t all go from the same stop any more. that’s so frustrating! I just walk now, it takes the uncertainty out of it. If I were less physically able, or had a younger child, it would be even more annoying. My nearly 6 year old is cheesed off with me making him walk, but at least it’s exercise!


  10. I I find that the new changes have impacted negatively on me as I live at the south end of Queens Park Rd and there are much less buses going down to this end of Queens Park rd now. I have arthritic knees and resent either having to wait longer for a bus or having to walk painfully from where the buses now turn off. I dont think this has been looked at well enough, and there also doesnt seem to have been any thought given to re-timing the 23 bus so it covers the gap more, plus the 23 service has also been cut in frequency in the afternoon, to add insult to injury.


  11. Taking a bus from London Road up to Queen’s Park, the Race hill and/or Whitehawk is most definitely worse now. Many people shop in London Road, me included.

    Previously from London Road there was a bus up the hill every 12 minutes. Now it is more like every half hour, with 21s and 20s, due to their complex routes, turning up at the same time.


  12. I think I’ve said elsewhere that I like the new 21 too. I’m not sure where to pick up the 18 from the station, though. One time I arrived back at the station and didn’t see the 18 on the indicator board at all, but then saw one coming up Trafalgar Street as I was walking home.


  13. I am fine with the 18 coming back up the hill, but there is little point getting on the version going the other way as I could walk quicker and I would never bother. also the 81 used to take us up elm grove from aldi – I have no idea what is happening now. and yes – get it up on the bus signs, so we know when its coming.


  14. Due to the 18 now starting from Dyke Road the bus is not crowded when it reaches Morrisons in St James Street! – Positive!

    The smartphone app for B&H buses or indeed live timings on the B&H website does not show any buses due at Egremont Gate stop going south bound (23 Marina or 20 towards City Centre) – Negative!


  15. Whilst it’s easier to get to London Road and also the station (which is great), services to get to North street and then back up the hill from St James street are far fewer. The 18 service would be much improved if it ran every ten minutes.


  16. Living on Elm Grove and travelling mainly during weekdays, during the day with the kids, the changes haven’t impacted us. In fact, there seems to be more options and we can go further now on the 21 buses. The only annoying thing is having to learn the numbers/ routes all over again but that doesn’t mean change is a bad thing.


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