Community Composting

Following discussion about community composting at  recent meeting, some residents have shown an interest in this being provided in our area, so this page is a bit about it and how to make it happen.

Community Composting – What is it?

Community composting is where a central composting point is made available for local residents to use and compost their fruit and vegetable peelings. Schemes like these, being led by communities, not only help the environment but also have great social benefits, creating community cohesion by helping bring local residents together with other groups and community driven organisations. It also helps with the building blocks towards zero waste and low carbon communities.

Composting is the most natural way to deal with organic waste and can improve soil quality to help grow healthy plants. In the city centre many people do not have enough or any space to be able to compost and community composting can be the answer. Organic waste can make up to 30% of household waste and can produce strong green house gases, when disposed in a landfill.

There are quite a few schemes already happening in the city and the council website has more info on these.

Community Composting in Hanover & Elm Grove

The council works with the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership to help residents set up community schemes, and their website shows two schemes running in our area at the moment – Beaufort Terrace and The Patch and some residents are trying to set up a site on Belgrave Street/Albion Hill.

The Food Partnership have a get started guide to setting up a new site HERE. The two most important things are:

  • Finding a suitable site: This needs to be a patch of earth somewhere convenient and accessible, but not too close to homes or other premises.
  • Organising a compost community: although support can be given to set up, each scheme needs to be run by the people who use it, ideally with some people taking the role of ‘compost champion’ to make sure it goes OK. Training and guidance is available to help people do this.

To help identify local sites, and areas where people are interested we have included a form below and will arrange to have suggested sites investigated and link up people from the same area interested in starting a scheme, so if you would like community composting in your area, let us know more below.