Community Parking Meeting Elm Grove School 22 January 2015

Community Parking Meeting – Thursday 22nd Jan 7.30pm Elm Grove School

Flyers are being distributed across Hanover and Elm Grove to publicise this meeting – here is some more information:

Who has arranged this meeting? HEGLAT
When was it agreed? The HEGLAT Parking Meeting in November
What is the aim of the meeting? Inform and engage residents and businesses of current situation regarding parking in the area, particularly on Elm Grove side. Update on community surveys and Parking plan and how residents can get involved

Is this about CPZ? Yes
Is this about Elm Grove parking situation? Yes, part of a Community Scheme could include proposals for developing Elm Grove if residents want it. Do Elm Grove residents want to join in the community led parking proposal that is being developed south of elm grove, or would they like to have an option of joining later? or neither.
What do residents think about the plan for redesigning Elm Grove, do they support it and if yes do they want to put it in with the community parking package?

I can’t make it where can I email my opinion? or comment under this post

Where can I find out what happened at the meeting? The HEGLAT website

What will the outcome of the meeting be?
The Transport Committee meeting in June/July will be for the new administration to set its timetable for parking schemes. They will be given a report outlining the current requests for CPZ’s across the city and will need to decide when/if each one should be taken forward, and part of the process will be making a judgement on order of priority and likelihood that a successful scheme supported by the community can be developed at each location.

The HEGLAT survey may usefully inform this decision process: if the community comes out strongly for a CPZ in the HEGLAT survey, this may be taken into account regarding the likelihood of developing a scheme supported by residents and a high level of support for parking controls may lead to Hanover & Elm Grove being considered as a higher priority in the future planning schedule. It is important to remember however that this decision is about the whole city and not just the Hanover & Elm grove area, and considers a wide range of factors before reaching a conclusion. It may also be that there is not strong support for controlled parking from the surveys and community meeting.

Has HEGLAT been endorsed by the Council to create a community parking scheme?
We believe the ward councillors are supportive of this process, and the officer who leads on developing parking schemes is aware of it and will consider any outcomes in the light of any future decisions, but other than that, the process does not have any especial weight or status.



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