Newark Place

Letter to residents – Community Survey results for Newark Place  Nov 28th

Dear neighbour,

We are writing to thank the many people who completed the recent

community street survey for Newark Place. There was a steady return rate of

10 surveys returned covering at least 42% of all households in your street. So

we can feel confident that the views are quite representative of many living in

the road although more returns would always be desirable.

Some key results are:-

Getting about most popular means:

-80% (8) Walking

-40% (4) Car or van

-40% (4) bus

-30% (3) bike

-20% (2) train

Number of Vehicles in respondent households

(6) cars/vans = 60%

(5) bikes = 50%

(0) motorbike

Obstructions on the pavement

20% (2) experienced the pavement as “always” or “often” clear enough

whereas also 80% (8) found the pavement “never” or “occasionally” clear

enough with dog mess being the main culprit.


• 90% (9 out of 10) have visitors by car or van once or less than once a

week; 10% (1) has visitors more than twice a week. (Anomaly here)

Difficulty parking

• 5 person said it was always difficult to park, 0 said never. However, all

times have problems.

Controlled parking

• 80% (8) people are interested in some variation of controlled parking

and 20% (2) do not want any kind of controlled parking.

Space in Newark Place and eligible vehicles

• 6 people who completed the survey have vehicles registered to their

address and (0) did not. This 1 would not be eligible for a permit under

current council guideleines. 4 households had NO car.

• 5 wanted more parking spaces, 2 less spaces, 1 wanted no change

under controlled parking. It is hard to predict which of these outcomes

a form of controlled parking (especially if on one side of the street only)

would bring for eligible residents

Type of Controlled Parking Scheme

• (2) people preferred a form of Light Touch scheme and (6) wanted a

Heavy Touch 8am to 8pm scheme. More details on these schemes to come.

Cost of controlled parking

• 60% (6) would like controlled parking at cost only; 30% (3) at full cost;

and on consideration (1) said they might prefer a sliding scale. (Note:

all profits from parking schemes go to pay for other transport related issues such as

pensioners bus passes, subsidised school buses etc)

Usage of bike racks if provided

• 4 people would use bike racks if they were provided, 2 would not use

them and 1 did not know.

What next?

There will be an open working group to study the survey results for each

road and the come up with a “peoples plan” to improve our streets. The plan

will make proposals on parking (where people want to see changes) and on

other areas that people have identified to improve their streets. The working

group will meet several times over December and January with the aim of re-
consulting residents on their proposals the “peoples plan” in February. If you

are able to commit to being part of the working group or would like to help in

another way please contact David Gibson and/or Chris


Yours faithfully,

David Gibson (Islingword Rd) and Chris Taylor (Hanover St) from HEGLAT


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