Toronto Terrace

Community Survey results for Toronto Terrace

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We are writing to thank the many people who completed the recent community street survey for Toronto Terrace. There was a tremendously high return rate 45 surveys were returned covering at least 56% of all households in your street. So we can feel confident that the views are quite representative of many living in the road

Some key results are:-

Getting about most popular means:-98% (41) Walking
-80% (36) Car or van (anomaly here)
-42% (19) bus
-20% (9) bike
-14% (6) train

Number of Vehicles in respondent households
(40) cars/vans = 88%
(33) bikes
(0) motorbike

Obstructions on the pavement
75% (34) experienced the pavement as “always” or “often” clear enough whereas
22% (10) found the pavement “never” or “occasionally” clear enough

60% (27 out of 45) have visitors by car or van once or less than once a week;
40% (18) have visitors more than twice a week.

Difficulty parking
20 people said it was always difficult to park, 0 said never.
All times have problems. Weekday late afternoon and evenings being the worst.

Controlled parking
75% (34) people are interested in some variation of controlled parking and
36% (16) do not want any kind of controlled parking. (Anomaly here)

Space in Toronto Terrace and eligible vehicles
35 people who completed the survey have vehicles registered to their address,
3 are not (these 3 would not be eligible for a parking permit) and 1 did not know
13 wanted more parking spaces, 5 less spaces, 13 wanted no change under controlled parking. It is hard to predict which of these outcomes a form of controlled parking (eg on one side of the street only) would bring for eligible residents

Cost of controlled parking
47% (21) would like controlled parking at cost only;
32% (14) at full cost; 14% (6) on a sliding scale and
9% (4) don’t know.
(Note: all profits from parking schemes go to pay for other transport related issues such as pensioners bus passes, subsidised school buses etc)

Usage of bike racks if provided
6 people would use bike racks if they were provided, 19 would not use them and 7 did not know.

What next?
From the sample surveys, it appears that roads south of Islingword Rd and west of Queens park road are interested in looking at forms of controlled parking. Roads north of Elm Grove and east of Queens Park Road want no change. This is based on a small sample and so the HEG LAT are keen to find out more views, especially, in between Islingword Rd and Elm Grove. Once we have more feedback from more surveys about residents wishes, we shall set up a working group to look in detail at a community plan for parking to propose to residents and if residents support it to put to the council.

If you would like to be a street representative for your road or meet with neighbours to discus your street survey result please e-mail David Gibson on or Chris Taylor on

Yours faithfully,

David Gibson and Chris Taylor and the HEGLAT team


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