Transport and Parking Group

The Transport Group meets to discuss local transport and parking issues and to identify and lobby for improvements.

Current priority areas for this group are:

  • Cycle parking and provision for cyclists
  • Street obstruction by parked vehicles
  • Pavement obstructions & street clutter
  • Public transport
  • Parking issues

Update:  Jan 2015


Total Surveys returned = 814

Total of Cars and Vans in all households surveyed = 671

Total of vehicles Registered to Address = 536 671- 536 = 135

135 = number of vehicles that would not qualify for a permit under current council policy of one permit per household.

165 people surveyed had NO CAR

299 people said they would NOT want a CPZ (on average allowing for a couple of small discrepancies)

533 was the score in favour of SOME FORM OF CPZ

A score of 286 came in for those in FAVOUR of one form of HEAVY TOUCH scheme.

204 for 7 days a week and 82 for 5 days a week.

A score of 183 came in for some form of LIGHT TOUCH scheme.

50 for 1 hour a day and 133 for 2 hours a day

A score of 64 came in for some form of VARIATION of CPZ but basically they were in favour of something happening.

(473 + 245 = 718 which is slightly more than the number of surveys returned (710) so there is a very slight discrepancy here)

A score of 312 came in for a CPZ at Cost of Enforcement only.

A score of 168 came in for a CPZ at Full Cost as happens now.

A score of 130 came in for a CPZ charged on a sliding scale according to household income.

149 people did not know which they would prefer.

Note. This includes answers from people who do not have a car or van but still had a valid opinion.

MOST DIFFICULT TIMES TO PARK (Bear in mind that some (but not many) people may have ticked more than one box and then ticked ALWAYS as well)

Weekdays from 5-8pm and from 8pm onwards were the time periods with the highest scores for NOT being able to find a parking space with 259 and 299 respectively.

Weekday mornings and afternoons only scored 118 and 136 respectively indicating that those times were less of a problem compared to evenings.

ALWAYS scored 249. Weekends scored an average of 210 for each day.

So – it seems that many people always find it difficult to park and weekday evenings are the worst times from a specific period point of view.

Update: 2013

The transport group has suspended its meetings while the LAT is focussing on the Elm Grove Pavement Parking issue.  As this specific subject is resolved, the broader agenda of the transport group will be revisited.


2 thoughts on “Transport and Parking Group

  1. Thanks Beatrice. Our understanding is that any proposed parking controls if approved and introduced, would mean that only car owners whose vehicles are registered to the address can apply for a parking permit. Current schemes appear to allow one permit per address as a starting point with additional permits issued where there is capacity. Further details of the outline scheme emerging from the consultation exercise to date can be found on the HEGLAT website


  2. Re the article on parking problems in the ‘Green Hills’ issue for spring 2014: Can anyone clarify whether students are classified as residents for the purposes of consultation on parking? If so, it seems unlikely that any residents’ parking would be introduced into Hanover. In my view consultation on residents parking should be restricted to long-term residents or homeowners, since the interests of student ‘residents’ are often very different.


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