Council Reports

This page will hold reports etc… made available by the council regarding parking enforcement issues at Elm Grove.

1. Accidents Statistics. This report considers collisions on Elm Grove between 2009 and 2011.

Elm Grove collisions


‘In the 3 years up to 31st May 2011 there were 20 recorded personal injury collisions in Elm Grove, 2 serious and 18 slight resulting in 23 casualties. This level of collisions is significant but needs to be taken in context with the volume of traffic and nature of this road.  As a comparator with a similar road, during the same period there were 9 recorded injury collisions in Nevill Road, 2 serious and 7 slight, resulting in 14 casualties.’  

BHCC Head of Highway Operations


One thought on “Council Reports

  1. I note that the council stated previously that there were 23 accidents in Elm Grove in this period. What is written above is contradictory as it reports that there were only 20 incidents (23 casualties).

    The comparison made with Neville road indicates that the incidents in Elm Grove shouldn’t be attributed to pavement parking. As you will note, in Neville Road cars park on the pavement where there are and are not, yellow lines (which also happens in Elm Grove). This would suggest that the difference in the statistics is the result of something other than pavement parking.

    It is the differences between the two roads that we should be looking at as the contributors to the difference in accident statistics.
    – Neville road has a roundabout.
    – Elm Grove is steep in places whereas Neville Road is relatively flat. I would offer the notion that driving down a hill in wet or in such icy conditions as we’ve had lately is much more likely to cause a collision than driving along the flat. I wonder if the dates of the incidents would be available as these would confirm or deny this supposition.
    – When it rains, Elm Grove flows with water making it more dangerous.
    – Neville road has other traffic calming measures in it.
    – There are more cars generally parked IN THE ROAD in Elm Grove. The proposed ban on pavement parking would force more cars to park on the road, which could potentially add to the chances that we push up the statistics.
    – A very large difference in the amount of junctions. Elm Grove has 24 to Neville Road’s 9. similar to the ratio between accidents (20 to 9). Indeed if you view the EG accident map it would certainly appear that a large proportion of the accidents have happened at the junctions. I wonder if this is also the case in Neville Road.

    I’m not saying that the accident statistics do say anything for sure about the parking, either way. I’m just pointing out that there are many ways to interpret the data here.

    It’s is unbelievably common to find instances where we rely on poor or misinterpreted data to make decisions. I recommend anyone interested in the subject should read the book – Bad Science by Ben Goldacre (No I don’t work for the publisher). This is one of the best books ever on the misuse of statistics to support divergences from the truth and the use of statistics without truly understanding them.



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